Marble Surface
"The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable, and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back."
- Amber Senti

寶寶 Bǎobǎo

     哈囉,大家好! 我是五歲大的寶寶。雖然大家都叫我寶寶,我已經是一匹小馬的媽媽。


     Hello everyone! My name is Bǎobǎo, Baby in Chinese, and I am five years old. Although everyone calls me Bǎobǎo, I am already a mother. I am often praised because I am very stable and well-behaved, and everybody likes me. I am also very active and brave. Jumping has always been my favorite exercise as I enjoy running and soaring through the air over high obstacles, loving the thrill and accomplishment of the furious gallop and forceful leap. I have participated in many competitions and appreciate the unified teamwork that my rider and I have. This year we won first place in the 80cm Level Jumping Event at the 2021 Taichung City Mayor Cup Equestrian Competition. Our success was the result of hard work, and I truly cherish the experience and the first place honor. I hope my skills continue to improve and I will have more success running fast and jumping high.

香奈兒 Chanel


    Hi! I am Chanel, and I am eight years old. Everyone's first impressions of me are that I am graceful and stable, just like my name. I was once a member of the New Taipei City Mounted Police Squad, patrolling important locations. Because the Mounted Squad especially liked my stable temperament, they used me often in the line of duty. I always enjoyed my assignments, and I especially liked the opportunity to stroll around and meet friendly people. Here at the DaRi Equestrian Center, I work with beginning riders because I know they may be nervous. I treat them gently and make them feel safe so they can enjoy the relaxation of horse riding. Eventually they fall in love with horses and riding. In addition, I often model with beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen for photoshoots. Sometimes I even encounter a striking sports car. Here I am meeting a Porsche! Don't you think this is a charming photo?